In ~okeanos-knossos, you are able to add tags to your own VMs. Each tag is defined by the tag key and the tag value.

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To add a tag, you will need to enter cyclades from your ~okeanos-knossos account and then press the "info" button located under your VM's name and IP address. At the lower right corner of the info box, press "Manage tags". From this window, you can create a new tag for your VM, and also edit or delete any existing tags.

Pressing "Add new tag" allows you to define the tag key and the tag value. You can enter your own tag key, or if you wish you can use the default tag keys (OS, Owner, Role) by clicking on them. After entering the tag value, press "save" to add your tag. You can edit or delete each tag by clicking on the appropriate buttons which will become visible if you put your mouse pointer over the tag name in the tag manage window.