The username of your VM depends on the ~okeanos-knossos Image that it was created from. For Linux/*BSD Images it can be found by clicking on the VM's info icon in Cyclades and checking the "users" tag. It should either be "user" or "root".

As far as the password is concerned, it is calculated randomly for safety reasons and printed to your browser window only after your VM has been created. If you confirm that you have written it down, there is no other way to retrieve it. If you choose the option 'Remind me later' your password will be available only for a short time so don't forget to write it down. In order to retrieve it later, just click on your VM's icon and a pop-up window with the password will appear.


If you have a Linux VM and console access to it, consider yourself lucky. You can easily gain root access to your VM and change the root password yourself. Follow the simple steps below:

  • Fire up the VM's console from the ~okeanos-knossos UI.
  • Then, press "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del". If nothing happens, press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" buttons next to "Clipboard", press "F1" on your keyboard and finally press "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del".

Your VM should restart and the GRUB window should appear.

  • Before the timeout ends, press "e". You should see a line that contains "/boot/vmlinuz-...". At the end of that line, write:

  • Press "F10" to boot. You should be greeted with a root console.

  • Remount your root partition as read-write:

    mount -n -o remount,rw /
  • Finally, change your root password with:


You can now login with your new password.